Leavin’, on a jet plane…

As I type these words, I am prepping for a move to a new city which will take me 1,000 miles from where I was born and have lived my entire life.

I’ve had this website for 20 years and always wanted to do a blog but never pursued it seriously…

…until now.

Never too late to start, right?

There is no better way to mark this milestone in my life than to begin the travel blog I’d always dreamt of.

I adore traveling and have been many places all over the world but one thing I’ve never done is LIVED anywhere other than Southern California.

I am moving from sunny, Orange County to drizzly Seattle. I am trading blue skies for gray, palm trees for pines and the Rams for the Seahawks.

When it comes to exotic destinations, Seattle probably doesn’t rank up there with cities such as Bangkok and Budapest but, for this native SoCal girl, the next couple of years will most certainly qualify as the adventure of a lifetime.

I will be sharing my travels here as I discover the charms of my new city and any far flung adventures that cross my path.

Join me, as I navigate everything from bazaars and bars to mountains and metros.